Best iphone 8 cardholder cases Three types of iPhone Cases

By | October 8, 2022

iphone 8 cardholder cases : three types of iPhone wallet cases

As written above, we have reviewed a lot of wallet cases, In fact, there are so many of them that we were able to recognize three types of wallet cases and give them each their own moniker; full on wallet replacement, a wallet cover and on-the-go wallet.

iphone 8 cardholder cases

full on replacement is a case that hold your iPhone and most of your cards. Any case that holds more than 3 cards and cash is a product we consider a full on replacement case.

For wallet cover cases, they are basically cases that only store 1-2 cards but come with a cover for the iPhone.

On-the-go wallet cases are cases that store your cards on the back of the case rather than in the cover

UOLO 2 in 1 Case

Wallet Type: Full-on Replacement Case

Score: 4.6 Ehʼs out of 5

Storage:  2 Cards

Extra Features: Touch case, protective cover, cards wonʼt touch iPhone screen

Buy it on Amazon (CA/UK/DE) or on eBay!

UOLO 2-in-1 is an enormous case that rivals the storage capacity of the Moshi Overture, The case is designed to ensure that none of the cards make any contact to the iPhoneʼs screen.The case itself has a lot of texture and would be usable on itʼs own. The case latches together magnetically though not as strong as we hoped for, The detachable case for the iPhone does not also interfere with Qi-charging of the iPhone 8

The standout feature for the UOLO 2-in-1 case is the ability to easily remove the iPhone from the case. The case attaches magnetically to the back of the wallet portion and has the perfect amount of magnetic attraction to ensure your iPhone doesnʼt fall out every time you open the wallet case up. This feature is similar to the BUDU setup but UOLO uses only magnets.

Our only gripe for this product is the lack of protection for the iPhone as the top and bottom of the device is completely exposed.

Budu Modular Case

Wallet Type: Full-on Replacement Case

Score: 4.4 Ehʼs out of 5

Storage: 3 Cards + Bills

Extra Features: Modular case, kickstand

Buy it on   Amazon (CA/UK/DE)   or on eBay!

The BUDU Modular Case isn’t a wallet case out of the box. You’ll need to get the wallet attachment.

The BUDU Modular Case is well a modular case so it has a lot of large selection of accessories that can connect magnetically and mechanically to the back of the BUDU Case. One of these accessories is the wallet case. The wallet extension feels quite nice and has the same premium feel as the Otterbox Strada. The case can easily fit 3 cards and a couple of bills without any issue into the wallet portion. The magnetic latch is quite large so you could get away with overfilling the wallet if you needed to.

As written above the BUDU does not come out of the box with a wallet but this purchase is well worth it. One of our biggest gripe about wallet cases in general is the inability to use the iPhone well when you donʼt need to have a wallet with you. But BUDU and Uolo 2-in-1 solves that problem. If you donʼt need the wallet, you can easily take it off. This is a great setup for people on the go as  we can easily mount the BUDU case when we’re driving, remove it once weʼve reached ourdestination and slap my wallet case on.

Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet

Wallet Type: Wallet Cover Case

Score:  4.4 Ehʼs out of 5

Storage: 2 Cards

Extra Features: Touch case, protective cover, cards wonʼt touch iPhone screen

Buy it on Amazon (CA/UK/DE)   or on eBay!

The Tech 21 Evo Check wallet is the highest rated iPhone wallet cover case on this list because of its toughness. Tech 21 Evo Check also included a microfibre-esque flap in the middle of the case that holds an extra card and acts as a screen cleaner at the same time. The flap also attaches magnetically to the front of the case so it doesnʼt expose what youʼre carrying all the time. You could store a couple of bills in a pinch as well. The latch on the case also  attaches securely on the edge of the case.

Tech 21 Evo Check removes our concern of the cards coming in contact with our iPhone with the help of the flap. We also like that Tech 21 decided to stay away from a magnetic latch since the mechanical latch will keep the case more together in the event of a bad drop .

However, we don’t like the size of the Evo Check Wallet. Tech 21ʼs cases are relatively thin but are wide so this wallet case is going to make the iPhone 8 Plus quite a bit larger.

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