‘Blade’ Production Now Reportedly Delayed to 2023

By | October 11, 2022

‘Blade’ Production Now Reportedly Delayed to 2023: It has proven to be one of the most tumultuous peregrinations of the bringing together of an MCU design to date, as recent developments have the Blade product now reportedly delayed to 2023.

There are a many days bigger to a Marvel addict than the convention event that has been the setting of some of the biggest adverts
in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; San Diego ridiculous- Con.

A chance for Marvel Studios chairman Kevin Feige to get in front of attendees, and stand before Marvel faithful to cave into whats coming to the Marvel Universe, and show off some instigative footage of systems set to arrive in that coming time.

This time was no different, as so numerous systems were shown off to suckers, but despite all of the adverts
that were made, there was one that numerous had hoped would be present and was n’t; and that was Blade.

A character that’s clearly cherished by Marvel suckers, the daywalker has been Marvel’s occupant shark huntsman for generations, and 2019 saw Academy Award- winning actor MAhershala Ali blazoned as the person to bring that character to life in the MCU.

times latterly, still, there’s little progress made on what has been one of the most uncertain shoots Marvel has had; and with confidentially developments kidnapping its progress, the Blade product is now reportedly delayed to 2023.

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It has been reported by The Direct, that the Ali- starring Blade film wo n’t officially begin its product until January of this time, placing it on the slate for 2023.
Although there’s no telling if this will force Marvel to restructure their release schedule, this clearly has n’t been the first time that we ’ve heard about a change in the filming start day that was firstly supposed to take place in this month.
The film is still searching for a director, and the stopgap remains that when one is set up, the progress on the filming should have enough time to reach its November release date of coming time.

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