Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Robbie Reyes

By | October 9, 2022

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Robbie Reyes: With the first 15 days of October celebrating Hispanic heritage month, were looking at some of the most cherished Latino characters that Marvel has to offer, which brings us to one of the more intriguing Robbie Reyes.

still, it’s its inviting commitment to inclusivity and representation, If there’s one thing that Marvel has come to define itself by.

It was always a vital aspect to Marvel as a publisher, that they’re developed to act the world that we inhabit every single day, and a massive part of that has been the kinds of characters that fill its runners.

Marvel was one of the first publications to introduce a black character in the form of Sam Wilson or T’Challa, announcement was among the first to draft truly groundbreaking womanish characters that were perceived on the same position as their manly counterparts.

And part of that inclusivity and representation was their commitment to Hispanic icons filling their runners, and with this month being Hispanic heritage month, we ’re pressing one of the most cherished Latino icons in Marvel’s pantheon; Robbie Reyes.

Reyes is one of the legatees of the Ghost Rider mantle and has come of the most well- known riders in the ultramodern Marvel geography due to his veritably unique look and personality to the Riders that came before him.

Created in 2014 by the fabulous platoon of Felipe Smith and one of the stylish artists in the ridiculous book assiduity Tradd Moore, there was always commodity fully unique about the youthful idol.

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Sporting the same burning head as once Riders, Reyes had a veritably unique cranium, and rather of driving the Hell Cycle, Reyes drove around in a hell Charger, which gave him another veritably unique quality.

Reyes has come to be known for his love and offerings made for his youngish impaired family, Gabe, and his sweats in saving them both from the dangerous thoroughfares of East Los Angeles.

The oneness and domestic exposure set Reyes piecemeal, and to this day he may be one of the stylish Ghost Riders Marvel has ever had.

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