COLLECTORS: This Week in Comics

By | October 9, 2022

COLLECTORS: This Week in Comics : Fret no longer Marvel suckers, for your favorite time of the week has returned as we’ve yet another investiture of the COLLECTORS series in store.

The continuedA.X.E. series, a brand new Namor run, and a trip into one of the coolest new aspects of the Star Wars Universe are each on hand; let’s cave into what awaits COLLECTORS

Namor Conquered Shores

He’s among the oldest icons in Marvel history, and he’s now the star of a rejuvenated ridiculous run that sees the King of the Sea centuries in the future that’s a premiere title for COLLECTORS.

Brought to life by Christopher Cantwell and Pasqual Ferry, this Namor series will explore a future where Namor must cover a lessening population of face residers.

Star Wars fancies

It was among the most overlooked Disney titles of the time, and it’s now being embraced in a brand new medium for COLLECTORS far and wide.

Developed by artist Takashi Okazaki of Afro- Samurai fame, the series will continue the story of Ronin, the enigmatic wonder of the Star Wars Universe.


One of the stylish ridiculous runs of the time continues with an issue that should be on the must-have- have list for all COLLECTORS.

With loved Daredevil scribe Chip Zdarsky and artist Rafael De Latorre at the helm, this issue sees Murdock and Elektra start to form the only reality that can end The Hand formerly and for all; The Fist.

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Other Releases This Week

Wakanda# 1 by Stephanie Renee Williams, Evan Narcisse, Paco Medina, and Natacha Bustos
A.X.E. Iron Fist# 1 by Alyssa Wong and MichaelYg
A.X.E. Eternals# 1 by Kieron Gillen and Pasqual Ferry
Star Wars The High Republic# 1 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, and Andrea Broccardo
Punisher War Journal Sisters# 1 by Torunn Gronbekk and Rafael Pimentel
X-Men UnlimitedX-Men Green# 2 by Gerry Duggan
All- Out punishers# 2 by Derek Landy and Greg Land
A.X.E. Death to Mutants# 3 by Kieron Gillen and Guiu Vilanova
Genis- Vell Captain Marvel# 4 by Peter David and Juanan Ramirez
Gambit# 4 by Chris Claremont and Sid Kotian
Legion of X# 6 by Si Spurrier and Rafael Pimentel
Ghost Rider# 7 by Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith
ImmortalX-Men# 7 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck
Black catamount# 10 by John Ridley and German Peralta
Venom# 11 by Ram.V. and Bryan Hitch
The Amazing Spider- Man# 11 by Zeb Well and John Romita
Wolverine# 25 by Benjamin Percy, Juan Ferreyra, Andrea Dl Vito, Frederico Vicentini, and Klaus Janson
Star Wars# 28 by Charles Soule and Andres Genolet
X-Force# 32 by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill
Captain Marvel# 42 by Kellly Thompson and Andrea Dl Vito
Fantastic Four# 48 by David Pepose and Juann Cabal

That’s it for this investiture of the COLLECTORS series; happy stalking phenomenon suckers

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