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By | October 21, 2022

diane keaton movies on netflix: Diane Keaton is an American actress that nearly everyone knows about. That’s because she has been a part of numerous excellent flicks and played some fantastic places. still, numerous people know her for her distinctive fashion style and personality.

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Diane keaton movies on netflix

Diane keaton movies on netflix

Still, you have come to the right place, If you want to watch her pictures on Netflix for your coming movie night. Then are the top pictures on Netflix starring Diane Keaton.

Netflix released pictures starring Diane Keaton
Then goes our list of favorite Keaton pictures on Netflix USA

The Godfather Part I, II, And III
Diane Keaton & Al Pacino in The Godfather III

The Godfather doesn’t need an preface because it changed the geography of American cinema. In this series starring Diane Keaton as Kay Adams, she was the long- time love of Michael Corleone and eventually came his alternate woman.

It’s one of the most indelible places that Keaton has played in her life, as nearly everyone has watched the pictures. By the end, her character comes back as the estrangedex-wife of MichaelCorleone.However, be sure to watch The Godfather trio, If you want to see some great performances.

Annie Hall( 1977)
Keaton & Allen in Annie Hall

Annie Hall is approximately grounded on the love that happed in real- life between Diane Keaton and Woody Allen. Indeed now, people still fete her as Allen’s lady in that movie.

The movie is about Annie Hall, an aspiring café songster, and a floundering pen, Alvy. One day, Hall and Alvy meet, and they hit it off and eventually fall in love with one another.

The movie is a romantic comedy and highlights all the trials, feelings, horselaugh, and sadness that the couple goes through.

Manhattan( 1979)

Diane Keaton plays Mary Wilkie in Manhattan, alongside Meryl Streep and Woody Allen. The movie is a ‘ love letter ’ by Allen to New York City. It involves Allen as a frustrated TV pen, Keaton as a smart pen, Meryl Streep( Allen’sex-wife in the movie) who leaves him for a woman, and numerous others.

It’s considered one of Woody Allen’s stylish pictures, and the performance by Keaton is nothing short of astral. You’ll find love, New York, and jazz in this movie that will give you a romantic yet deep look into NYC. It showcases Manhattan in a veracious way like noway ahead.

Breakouts Up( 2014)
Diane Keaton & Morgan Freeman in 5 Breakouts Up

Breakouts Up is a drama and comedy where Diane Keaton stars as Ruth alongside Morgan Freeman, who’s her hubby. Both of them spend one of the most excited weekends allowing about the trade of their apartment. They’ve participated this apartment for further than forty times as a wedded couple.

Keaton and Freeman have easy and breezy chemistry in this movie, which is what balances the movie by bringing some light- heartedness to the drama.

So if you want to watch an excellent movie that has some drama and comedy, be sure to watch this bone

Poms( 2019)

Among all the new pictures on Netflix, Poms is clearly one to add to your particular list.

Keaton plays the part of Martha. Together with cast members Rhea Perlman, Jacki Weaver, Celia Weston, Alisha Boe, and little Charlie Tahan, this comedy film is about a group of women who form a cheerleading team in their withdrawal community. The top end of this team is to show people that they’re noway too old for cheerleading.

It’s an excellent movie where Keaton plays an energetic part that numerous actors ca n’t do at her age. You’ll see her in a whole new light, and hopefully, her energy will rub off on you too.

So, if you want a movie to empower you, be sure to watch this bone
on Netflix.

Then’s a list of other Netflix pictures starring Diane Keaton to watch on this streaming service
commodity’s Got ta Give( 2003)
Chancing Dory( 2016)
The Family Stone( 2005)
The Big marriage( 2013)
slumberer( 1973)
Because I Said So( 2007)
The First women Club( 1996)
Manhattan Murder riddle( 1993)
Father of the Bride, Parts I and II
Book Club( 2018)
Darling Companion( 2012)
And numerous others

Bear in mind that all these pictures aren’t available in all Netflix regions. thus, the pictures available in your region will be different. That’s why be sure to check what Diane Keaton pictures on Netflix you have in your country.

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Green Eggs and Ham( television series)
Green Eggs and Ham
This is an unusual one of Netflix’s content television series, starring Diane Keaton among others similar as Adam Devine, Michael Douglas, Eddie Izzard, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Tracy Morgan, and Keegan- Michael Key.

The animated series follows two total polar contraries Guy and Sam as they trip on a road trip to save an exposed beast from a zoo. On their way, they learn new effects like fellowship, stopgap, and the succulent dish in the title.


These are utmost of the Diane Keaton pictures on Netflix USA. She’s one of the most iconic actresses that everyone loves and adores. Her pictures have numerous stripes, from comedy to drama to love and much further.

So, pick her favourite pictures from the rearmost Netflix releases, register and enjoy them on your coming movie night. We can assure you 100 that you’ll fall in love with any movie you watch from this list in no time. It’ll also remind you why Keaton is such an iconic actress.

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