Funko Unveils Jumbo Khonshu POP!

By | October 12, 2022

Funko Unveils Jumbo Khonshu POP! : Celebrating what may be our favorite Marvel series therefore far, Funko has unveiled a brand new Goliath Khonshu POP!

Throughout Marvel Studios Disney systems, there’s bone
that stands out as its most ambitious, unique, and heartbreaking; that being none other than Moon Knight.

Grounded on the eponymous character of the same name that has been present in the source material for decades, Moon Knight is a story that takes the Marvel Universe to places it had noway gone ahead.
In Marc Spector, Marvel had a idol with dissociative identity complaint, who was three people in one and endured inconceivable tragedy in his life that had driven him to his current internal state.

There was a lot of alarm girding how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would address and use a idol who had been known as a veritably delicate and uncredited idol to explore but proved to be perfect in their adaption.

Moon Knight took the MCU to its darkest depths and brought forward subject matter that had noway been present in the superhero ballot.
From internal illness to child abuse, it was a series that truly broke boundaries for the MCU; and it also claw deep into Egyptian tradition that had preliminarily been unexplored by Marvel.

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It’s that Egyptian tradition disquisition that’s the subject of the newest release from one of the biggest pop culture brands on the earth, as Funko has unveiled a Goliath Khonshu POP!

One of the more intriguing characters in Moon Knight- and bone
that veritably frequently toed the line between good and evil- Khonshu was a divisive force that ended up as the imprisoner of the Marc Spector character.

This newest release from Funko features a Khonshu in statue form that’s present when Spector first meets the Egyptian deity and the form that’s present when he’s eventually given the powers of Moon Knight.

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