How to put a chainsaw chain on 2022 Easy step

By | October 20, 2022

how to put a chainsaw chain on: Because it’s a normal part of chainsaw use and power, knowing how to rightly replace a chainsaw chain can save tool druggies time and plutocrat.

How to put a chainsaw chain on
How to put a chainsaw chain on

How to put a chainsaw chain on

Indeed though the way for a chain relief are simple and can take lower than five twinkles, it’s important to point out a many form details that can make all the difference between a chain that is installed rightly and an inaptly installed chain.

Steps to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Other chainsaw designs may be a little different than that of the chainsaw we use then as an illustration, but chainsaw designs are analogous enough for the way in this composition to help utmost chainsaw possessors anyhow of the model they enjoy.

The only tool demanded for this form is the scwrench that most likely came with your chainsaw. else, a flat head screwdriver and a socket wrench will do just fine.

Remove the Old Chainsaw Chain

Remove the companion bar side panel.
The side plate on utmost chainsaws will most probably be held on by two nuts.

Using a scwrench or wrench, wind the nuts and remove the plate to pierce the chain.

A chainsaw’s boscage is occasionally attached to the companion bar side plate, like the chainsaw in our illustration.
Still, make sure to unleash the boscage before removing sprocket the plate, If your chainsaw’s boscage is attached to its side plate. Removing the side plate with the boscage in the locked position can make it delicate or insolvable to reinstall.

Remove the Old Chainsaw Chain

The chain will fluently remove from the companion bar with all that slack in it.
Remove the Old Chainsaw Chain

Pull the drive links out of the companion bar and slip the other end of the chain around the clutch barrel.

Loosen the Tensioning Screw

detect the attaching screw on the inside side of the companion bar and loosen it a little. This will make installing the new chain easier.

Thread the New Chain Onto the Saw

Precisely thread your new or lately stoned chainsaw chain around the chainsaw’s clutch barrel, making sure that the drive links engage in the sprocket.

Thread the rest of the drive links into the companion bar and around its nose.
Align the Guide Bar

With the chain duly threaded along the clutch barrel and companion bar, put some pressure into it by pulling on the nose of the companion bar down from the chainsaw.

Pull the Guide Bar

While pulling the companion bar, make sure to seat it onto the aphorism’s adaptation leg.

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Replace the Side Plate

The side plate is ready to go back on as long as the companion bar is duly deposited beneath.

Replace the plate and the nuts that hold it into position, but don’t strain the nuts down all the way yet. The companion bar must be allowed to move a little while the chain is tensed to the correct pressure.

Strain the Chain to the Correct Pressure

Use the attaching screw to the side of the companion bar to acclimate the pressure on the chainsaw chain.

Finish tensing the Side Plate Nuts

The chainsaw chain relief is now complete.


Has your chainsaw chain seen its last stropping? Visit our Chainsaw Chains runner to find a matching relief chain for your aphorism.

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