How to respond to wsg 2022 Easy Step Guide

By | October 18, 2022

how to respond to wsg: How can you draft a fun reply to a “ Wsg ” textbook, especially if you ’re withdrawn or unused to shoptalk terms? Do n’t solicitude we ’re then to help. This condensation is texting shoptalk for” What is good,” which means the same thing as” What is over?” Then, we’ll show you all the possible ways to respond to” Wsg” and keep the discussion flowing easily between you and your texting mate!

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How to respond to wsg

How to respond to wsg

” I am good! Thanks for asking.”

This is a simple, polite response for familiarity and musketeers.” What is good” is most frequently used to ask someone how they aredoing.However, a simple” Me! I am good!” does the trick, followed by a” thank you” so they know you are happy to hear from them, If you want to give the other person a positive and encouraging reply without giving them details of your life.

” I am! I appreciate you allowing of me”
” I am enough good, thanks! And you?”

” Why? What have you heard?”

Be funny and clever with yourresponse.However, a humorous reply allows you to remain mysterious without suddenly saying,” I ’m not telling you, If you do n’t have anything new to say or you do n’t want to answer the question.” method a cocky emoji onto the end of your textbook to show the other person that you are not actually worried or put off by their question.

” What do YOU suppose is good?”
” That is for me to know and you to find out!”

” This is! Check it out.”

Snap a print of commodity cool and use it to reply to the question. prints are a great way to connect with musketeers and family and let them peep into your life indeed when you are piecemeal. When someone asks” what’s good,” you do not have to tell them — you can show them. prints are a fun and engaging way to answer the question, from a picture of your cat to a funny billboard you walked history.
” I suppose this little joe is enough good!”
” Saw this bill and could not stop laughing!”

” Everything!”

Offer a bright, happy response when you are feeling on top of the world. It’s natural to be on pall nine when you get good news or do commodity redundant fun. Partake your happiness, whatever it might be, with a friend, family member, crush, or significant other who textbooks you a casual” wsg.” They’ll be happy to see your virtual excitement.

” Lots of effects! Especially the stupendous new hairstyle I got.”
” So important! I nailed my investigation moment!!”

” Not me! I have had a bad day.”

Let close Musketeers and mates know when you are worried or feelingdown.However, feel free to class out a pouty response, If you are comfortable transferring the person on the other end of the phone your negative studies. still, be apprehensive that they might ask you what is wrong from there, so only say” I am not doing well” if you are in the mood to bandy it.

” Not much. I have surely been better.”
” Is anything good moment? Not in my world.”

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” The usual!”

Use this brief response if you do not have anything new to report. It’s okay if your day has been average and there is nothing” good” to tell your texting mate about. This reply tells them nothing is wrong, but nothing notable has happed moreover.
” Same old stuff, tbh.”
” Nothing new! I am kind of wearied, actually. Let’s sputter!”

” Not much. Wbu?”

You could turn the question back on your texting mate. This is a good response if you do not have important to say — moreover because it’s been a slow day or because you do not want to talk about yourself. Follow up with” What about you?” or its texting condensation” Wbu?” to keep up the texting back and- forth at the same time.
” Just chilling. What about you?”
” Nothing important. But you are on a trip moment, right? Wsg with you?”

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