How to say me too in spanish 2022 Easy Step

By | October 18, 2022

how to say me too in spanish: If you ’d like to say “ me too ” in Spanish you can use “ yo también. ” There are times that you ’ll want to use “ para mí también, ” which translates to “ and( for) me, too. ” Let’s take a look at a many exemplifications

How to say me too in spanish
How to say me too in spanish

How to say me too in spanish

¿ Eres de Sacramento? ¡ Yo también! = Are you from Sacramento? Me too!
¡ También para mí! replicó Juan. = And for me, too, said Juan.
Still, do n’t worry, If learning all the nuances of Spanish seems a little intimidating at first. Comfort will come with practice. And getting one option down — like “ yo también ” — will allow you to communicate in utmost circumstances.

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