How to say shut up in german 2022 Easy Step Guide

By | October 18, 2022

how to say shut up in german: Berlin is notoriously notorious for its “ rudeness. ” The Berliner Schnauzer is the name given to this fame Berliners have of being so open and direct. An aspect of their personality that’s so prominent that occasionally can be mistaken by rudeness. So we allowed
that everyone would benefit from learning how to say shut up in German.

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How to say shut up in german

How to say shut up in german

Since it does n’t matter if you ’re visiting or if you ’re then to stay, you might as well learn a thing or two to survive this beautiful megacity. Everybody can benefit from some good useful knowledge about a language not so easy to learn.

Together with shut up in German, in all the ways I ’ve learned how to say during my six times living then, I ’ll give you some of my favourite bad words. Because if French is the language of love, German is surely the language of swearing.

Have you ever asked what are some of these words that you hear all the time in Berlin? What do they mean? How can I reply in the same tone?
Those answers and much more you ’ll find then

How to say shut up in german – A complete Assignment

First of all, of course, we will start with the evergreen and astonishingly suggestive shut up in German. Because nothing express my disgruntlement with so important grace like a good old “ Halt die Schnauze, Du Hurensohn. “

Then you’ll find a long list of ways to tell people to shut up in German with an adding quantum of rudeness

Seien Sie bitte mal still/ ruhig.
Seien Sie bitte still/ ruhig.
Seien Sie still/ ruhig.
Sei still/ ruhig.
Halt den Mund.
Halt die Klappe.

Halt den Rand.
Halt die Schnauze.
Halt dein Maul.
Halt bones/ deine Fresse.
Halt dein dreckiges Maul.
Halt deine verkackte/ verfickte Fresse.

How to be Really ungracious in German

Of course that for the utmost part, German is a beautiful language. And indeed though it has a veritably direct and straight- to- the- point tone, it presents us with endless options for cuts. Simply beautiful!

still, say any of those followed by an exclamation Alter or Mann, or indeed an Eh, If you want to add a touch of incivility to the formerly rude Shut up in German. But if your thing is to make your communication come across in the most obnoxious way possible, Du Wichser or Du Hurensohn are awful options to add to the end of your judgment . Those last two being the restatement of wanker and son of a whine, if you werewondering.However, Du Arschloch( You Asshole) perhaps is the way to go, If you ’re the kind of person that prefer commodity further classic.

And for any( un) necessary gusto of harshness to the formerly veritably ungracious communication, try adding jetzt. Jetzt is now in German.
You ’ll have commodity like this if you choose to be redundant fascinating to the bones
girding you
Du hältst jetzt die Klappe, Du Wichser! Du bist jetzt still!

Inversely important, do n’t forget that you can always add Scheisse or Verdammt to any of the options I just gave you. And the traditional Fick Dich has always a reserved spot on our hearts. Those last three can be restated, in order of appearance, as Shit, Damn it and Fuck You.

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also, now that I ’ve tutored you how to be extremely rude, I’ll educate you how to politely intrude someone. I would explosively advise you to choose some options below if possible. Because I do n’t want to be responsible for anyone’s black eye, ok?
Just talk over the other person with an repentant expression like

Sorry, warten Sie mal kurz
Entschuldigung, aber

Moment mal bitte
Sekunde, sorry, aber

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As you can see, I just gave you the most complete companion to saying Shut Up in German. And now, in addition, I ’ll leave you with some of the finest rulings and

Words in German.

Was zur Hölle? – What the hell?
Geh zum Teufel – Go to hell
Küss meinen Arsch – Kiss my burro
Drecksau – Dirty Pig
Miststück – Bitch
Verpiss dich! – Piss out/ Fuck off
Du Fickfehler – You fucking mistake
Dummkopf – Shithead
Arschgeige – Dickhead


I want to let you all know that you’re further than welcome to reach out to us in case you want to learn how to duly read the rulings I ’ve just tutored you. And that extends to all rulings and now just “ shut up ” in German.
Also, you have anything differently to add to this list, please either leave us a comment then or join any of our lovely channels and educate me more ways to be lovely in German. I’ll love you for that.

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