is mean girls on netflix

By | October 30, 2022

is mean girls on netflix: It really does feel like Christmas inJuly.However, have no fear, Mean Girls is one of the numerous great pictures and television shows that hit Netflix this month, If it’s been too long since you ’ve been tête-à-tête victimized by Regina George.

is mean girls on netflix
is mean girls on netflix

is mean girls on netflix

The infinitely rewatchable 2004 comedy starring Tina Fey( one of her stylish pictures, of which she also wrote the script), Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and so, so numerous others made its return to the streaming service. Seeing as how it’s formerly trending on Netflix, this was veritably welcome news for suckers. In fact, when Mean Girls appeared on Netflix subscribers ’ home defenses, people took to social media to partake their excitement.

Mean Girls tells the story about Lindsay Lohan’s Cady, who’s learning to navigate the scale of high academy fashionability after preliminarily being homeschooled by her family while living in Africa. The movie has developed a cult following with its amazing cast and endlessly indelible dialogue, so as soon as the movie dropped on Netflix, watch parties were formerly formed

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suckers who are still trying to make “ cost ” be had no time to waste, and Twitter druggies sounded to drop everything to run to watch Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried educate Lindsay Lohan their wise ways on the road to getting popular. Let’s go, fam, this isn’t a drill!

still, now is surely your chance! And if you ’re not telling people, “ On Wednesdays we wear pink, If you ’ve noway partaken in the beauty that’s Mean Girls.

When you ’ve finished rewatching this film( as if you ’re ever finished with Mean Girls), be sure to check out what other pictures are coming soon on the 2022 Netflix Movie Schedule, as well as some of the other stylish pictures on Netflix

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