Kevin Feige Discusses Potential Return of Elizabeth Olsen as The Scarlet Witch

By | October 9, 2022

Kevin Feige Discusses Potential Return of Elizabeth Olsen as The Scarlet Witch: The Scarlet Witch’s trip lately came to a precipice- hanging conclusion in The Multiverse of Madness. Now, Kevin Feige clarifies whether Elizabeth Olsen will return as The Scarlet Witch.

From her MCU onsets in Avengers Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff has come one of the MCU’s most immersing characters. suckers have watched as she went from punishers antagonist to a thriving Avenger member and into a budding love with The Vision.

In Wandavision we saw Wanda deal with her topmost tragedy, losing Vision after his death to Thanos. She further created an illusory city in which she revived Vision and created two children with her hex powers, and eventually, Wanda was forced to take on the witch Agatha Harkness and restore the city.
While we left Wandavision with a semblance of Wanda having dealt with her pain, she also acquired the Darkhold. The Darkhold corrupted her, egging her to search the multiverse for her children and leading to a clash withDr. Strange in which she destroyedMt. Wundergore, decaying along with the mountain.

suckers were left uncertain of Wanda’s fate, did she corrupt along withMt. Wundagore? Or escape at the last nanosecond? MCU Overlord Kevin Feige appears to be clearing that up still, a recent Variety point concentrated on Elizabeth Olsen touched on Olsen’s return as Wanda.

In the point Feige gushed about Olsen’s amusement capability, calling her an “ outstanding actor ”, and positing that they would not have been suitable to make such a complex character with a lower actor.
On Olsen’s future as Wanda, Feige mentions that “ there really is much more left to explore ” adding ““ We still have n’t touched on numerous of her core stories from the comics ”

Actually, while we’ve seen Wanda’s ridiculous book began Vision love, The Witch On Wundergore Mountain story bow, and her binary children, there are still numerous stories left untouched. important, if not all, of her stories related to Marvel’s mutants, have yet to appear in the MCU.

Joining the Brotherhood of evil mutants, her relation to Magneto, and the iconic “ no further mutants ” House of M story bow have yet to appear. Further, Wiccan and Speed, created from the revivified bodies of Billy and Tommy Maximoff, are maybe the most likely prospects to join the MCU in the future.

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Considering that the MCU has eventually gotten its first functionary mutants in Kamala Khan and Namor, the eventuality of getting Wanda into mutant- grounded story bends is now more likely than ever ahead!

Now that Feige has verified that the MCU will explore other ridiculous book story bends relat, we can not stay to see Scarlet Witch’s future in the MCU

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