mark wahlberg movies on netflix

By | October 31, 2022

mark wahlberg movies on netflix: Sure, we all need some alone time every formerly in a while, but maybe not the kind that involves a broken cutlet or wild beast chase. In the forthcoming comedy Me Time, stay- at- home pater
Sonny( Kevin Hart) takes a week to himself — only to have it upped by robustious old friend Huck( Mark Wahlberg) and hiscross-country birthday party. You can check out the new caravan and crucial art for Me Time below.

mark wahlberg movies on netflix
mark wahlberg movies on netflix

mark wahlberg movies on netflix

My woman
‘s an mastermind. We made a decision
for me to take care of the kiddies.

“ It’s our own Burning Man, ” Huck tells Sonny when he traps him in the middle of the desert with a crew of 20- somethings and nowhere to take care of business but a pile of plastic pails. Realistic definition of Burning Man? Sure! Appealing holiday
for a father of two? Not relatively. And the “ fun ” does n’t stop there Soon Sonny is duking it out with a hostile mama mountain captain and hitting the Grand Canyon — or rather, hitting flocks of catcalls above the Grand Canyon, in a wingsuit.

But let’s be real Was Sonny’s “ me time ” really going any more before Huck entered the picture? From the brief regard we get in the caravan, he started the week failing to play golf and puking up some underground regale. Live a little, Sonny! Try life the Mark Wahlberg way naked and chaotic.

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Alongside Hart and Wahlberg, Me Time stars JimmyO. Yang, Luis Gerardo Méndez, and public treasure Regina Hall. It’s written and directed by John Hamburg, the director of Along Came Polly and the man behind one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s finest acting moments.

You can get some Me Time yourself when the film hits Netflix on August 26.

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