Marvel Announces Brand New ‘Silver Surfer: Ghost Light’ Series at NYCC

By | October 13, 2022

Marvel Announces Brand New ‘Silver Surfer: Ghost Light’ Series at NYCC: He’s among the most iconic character that Marvel has ever created, and he’s now paving the way for a brand new idol, as Marvel announces the brand new tableware Cybersurfer Ghost Light series at this time’s New York ridiculous- Con.

There’s no denying the frequence of conventions in the world of entertainment, as the massive events have converted from being the places where suckers go to celebrate some of their favorite pop culture parcels, to being the place where some of the biggest adverts
in the assiduity are made.

San Diego ridiculous- Con and D23 have come ca n’t- miss events that bear to suckers some of hte most instigative inventors for Marvel Studios Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have been the setting of game- changing reveal for the live- action film macrocosm.
In that same way, the east seacoast interpretation of that same convention has fulfilled a analogous purpose for Marvel comics, as New York ridiculous- Con has been the place for some of the coolest adverts
from the publication have been revealed.

This time, with a whole host of massive events on the horizon, and a plethora of titles that display a publication seeking to diversify its lineup of icons and titles, has come the advertisement of a brand new tableware Cybersurfer Ghost Light series that will debut a brand new Marvel idol.

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tableware Cybersurfer has long been one of the most cherished Marvel icons ever, and still ever feels uncredited in the grand scheme of Marvel icons , and now the creative platoon of John Jennings and Valentine De Landro is casting a brand new story about the idol; and an entirely new character.

The series will introduce Ghost Light, who’s a brand new Marvel character that’s 54 times in the timber and is all the incitement we need to pick up this issue the alternate we can when it arrives this February.

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