Marvel Announces Brand New Wasp Limited Series

By | October 14, 2022

Marvel Announces Brand New Wasp Limited Series: Marvel has been completely emersed in celebrating some of the biggest birthdays of some of their most iconic characters, numerous of which are celebrating 60 times, and that continues with one of their most uncredited icons , as Marvel announces a brand new Wasp limited series for early coming time.

There have been a many characters that have hit memorable mileposts as far as their history is concerned, with Ant- Man and Spider- Man both in the midst of their 60th anniversary; and being celebrated with some brand new Marvel ridiculous runs.

The former of those two may be the lower of the dyads, but he’s no less important to the lore of the Marvel macrocosm, and he has orchestrated some of the most important characters in the history of the publication to be established.

One character that has always been spoken of as nearly to Ant- Man has been his love interest- and mate in heroism- who’s celebrating her 60th anniversary coming time, a festivity that’s starting with a new story, as Marvel has blazoned a brand new Wasp limited series coming this January

Revealed via a press release from Marvel, it was blazoned that, “ Arriving in January, WASP will be written by megastar Marvel architect Al Ewing and drawn by Kasia Nie, known for her acclaimed work in titles like Mockingbird and Age of Conan Belit. ”
The release continued by stating that the “ WASP will pay homage to Janet’s inconceivable heritage by slipping new light on her wild tableware Age origin, spotlighting her relationship with protege Nadia Van Dyne, and paving the way for a bright future! ”

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Among the massive pantheon of Marvel dyads, there’s presumably none bigger than Ant- MAn and the Wasp, as the two have long been one of Marvel’s biggest power couples; despite their massive ups and campo over the course of the once six decades that they ’ve been present in the Marvel Universe.

We can not stay to see what Al Ewing has in store for The Waspmini-series, as it should protest off the 2023 time with a fantastic run.

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