Marvel Explores its Most Dangerous Villain in the Upcoming ‘Thanos: Death Notes’

By | October 14, 2022

Marvel Explores its Most Dangerous Villain in the Upcoming ‘Thanos: Death Notes’: There are many characters in the history of this publication who have inspired the position of fear and terror that has been reserved for his name and moniker, and that will now be the subject of a brand new one- shot, as Marvel explores its utmost dangerous villain in the forthcoming, Thanos Death Notes.

Throughout the decades upon decades that Marvel comics have been publishing stories of the everlasting battle between good and evil, there have been names on both sides that have come some of the most deified in not just Marvel history, but in the entire history of the medium.

Yet, there are many villains that have been drafted within the runners of Marvel that are on par with the spooking and terrible Thanos; a frenetic Titan who has been depicted as everything from a genocidal revolutionist, to a sociopathic missionary set to assuage death.
The character’s star status took an exceptional vault through his relinquishment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Josh Brolin played the character brilliantly, and allowed the Marvel lore to bring forth a brand new interpretation of the iconic Jim Starlin creation.

That interpretation took on the entire MCU as we knew it, and his reign of terror extorted annihilation on the Universe for an entire saga, climaxing in the magnific punishers perpetuity War and punishers Endgame that saw a earth- destroying battle reshape the film ballot as we knew it.

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Now, suckers are being greeted to that character in a brand new one- shot, as Marvel is set to explore its utmost dangerous villain in the forthcoming Thanos Death Notes; a design that will bring together some of the assiduity’s stylish generators
Blazoned in a press release, the series will continue from Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s Thor series and will boast a creative lineup that includes,J. Michael Straczynski, Torunn Gronbekk, Kyle Starks, Christopher Cantwell, Andrea Di Vito, Travel Foreman, and the fabulous Ron Lim.

The series is set to arrive this November, so do n’t miss out, and keep your eyes then on MarvelBlog for any updates or developments.

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