Marvel Previews Upcoming Captain America Crossover

By | October 11, 2022

Marvel Previews Upcoming Captain America Crossover: It has been one of the biggest comic runs of the year, and it will culminate in a massive January conflict, as Marvel previews the upcoming Captain America crossover event coming in 2023.

There are few characters in the massive pantheon of Marvel comics that are able to boast the kind of longevity that has been present for Captain America.

One of the earliest comic book heroes ever created, Steve Rogers is a hero that was first crafted as an icon to help patriotism during the horrendous World War II, and eventually grew under the guidance of Stan Lee to become one of the original six Avengers.

A hero who has been a beacon of moral justice in his decades in the comic industry, he has transcended his original message to represent the beauty of the intended American dream, and stand firmly as a foundation of truth and goodness for the heroes he fights alongside.

What may be the most unique function of Captain America, is how his perception has always been around the characters that he exists alongside in the Marvel Universe; with nearly every hero having a firm sense of admiration for his influence.

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The next great chapter in the story of that mantle was announced early this year, and with dual series running, and crafting a spectacular journey, Marvel previews the upcoming Captain America crossover and the impending Cold War event.

With more information coming at this month’s New York Comic-Con, Both Captain America Sentinel of Liberty- which follows the current story of Steve Rogers- and Captain America: Symbol of Truth- which follows Sam Wilson- will collide ina. massive event.

All of this is primed for the two series to divulge in the Cold War saga, a story that will combine the hidden secrets of the Outer Circle uncovered by Rogers, and Sam Wilson’s unwanted journey into Dimension Z.

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