MCU’s Thor Just Broke Incredible Movie Record

By | October 13, 2022

MCU’s Thor Just Broke Incredible Movie Record: Despite the divisive nature of a lot of his projects, it is absolutely astounding that the MCU’s Thor has just broken an incredible movie record.

Since the inception of the MCU over a decade ago, there were few characters who have had as interesting a journey as Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

A key part of the Avengers, and often perceived as one of the MCU’s trilogy in the early days, he stood alongside Roberty Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Chris Evans Steve Rogers as among the most popular Marvel characters in the MCU.

There was little argument, however, that the characters MCU franchise was perhaps the weakest of that same trilogy of characters.

The original Thor film was one of the poorest reviewed films of that original run, and his saga followed it up with what has long been considered one of the worst films the MCU had ever done in Thor: The Dark World.

Things changed for the better, however, when the franchise welcomed Taika WAititi into the fold, who crafted what is one of the best MCU films ever in Thor: Ragnarok.

He followed that up with what is- once again- one of the more divisive movies for the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder, continuing the character’s tradition of dividing the fanbase in his various projects.

Although there vary in response to the hero’s MCU journey there is no denying his success; which is all the more evident with recent developments, as the MCU’s Thor just broke an incredible movie record.

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According to The Direct, The MCU’s Thor franchise is now the “first time in box office history that a live-action blockbuster franchise with four installments has continually outperformed its predecessor at the domestic box office.”

The original Thor movie earned $181 million, followed by Thor: The Dark World’s $206.4 million, followed by Thor: Ragnarok’s $315 million, and finally, Thor: Love and Thunder’s $342.4 million.

Although inflation may lead some to suspect a record like this is inevitable, the four installments make it incredibly difficult, and it should be counted as a success for the MCU.

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