Sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

By | October 8, 2022

sony extra bass speaker srs xb12 : There is no deficit of bitsy, movable Bluetooth speakers that purport to deliver important audio in a leakproof design. The Sony SRS- XB12, still, is the rare illustration that lives up to its claims. At$59.99, it’s affordable, and its IP67 standing means it’s completely leakproof. As for audio, the SRS- XB12 really does pack a wallop for a speaker its size. Those seeking truly important sound need to spend further on a larger system, but if a small speaker is your main precedence, the audio affair then’s truly emotional, and good of our Editors’ Choice.

Sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

Design: sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

Measuring roughly3.7 by3.0 elevation( HW) and importing in at8.6 ounces, the spherical SRS- XB12 is available in black, blue, argentine, green, or red models, and is small enough to throw in a tote or indeed a large fleece with deep pockets. Its single 46 mm motorist fires overhead and is defended by a metallic tulle — the rest of the speaker’s surface is a matte resilient texture. Internally, the motorist also gets help from a unresistant radiator. Beneath a covered panel, there is a micro USB harborage for the included charging string, a reset perforation button, and a3.5 mm aux input( there’s no included string for the input).


  • Impressively powerful audio performance for the size.
  • Waterproof.
  • Affordable.


  • Can come close to distortion on some deep bass.
  • Speakerphone mic isn’t very clear.

SONY SRS-XB12 SPECS: Sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

Physical Connections3.5mm
Built-In Voice AssistantNone

Across the base of the speaker, there’s a control panel with buttons for power, volume up/ down, play/ pause( which doubles as call answer/ end, or skips tracks with multiple clicks), and an Add button that allows you to pair with another Sony speaker and assign one as the left or right channel in a stereo brace.

The nethermost panel of the SRS- XB12 is rubberized just like the rest of the surface. That said, the speaker produces so important bass vibration for its size, it’ll surely dance across tabletops and conceivably jump right out on certain tracks. therefore, the attached rope is a design element we authorize of and recommended using when twiddling effects up.

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The SRS- XB12’s IP67 standing means it can be subordinated to quite a bit of water, handed the cover guarding the anchorages is closed. It’s suitable to be submerged in over to one cadence for over to 30 twinkles, so it can surely repel rain or a poolside splash, and can be irrigated off under a gate. It’s dust resistant, as well, and thus a solid choice for the great outside.

Sony estimates the SRS- XB12’s battery life to be roughly 16 hours, but your results will vary with your volume situations.

Performance: sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

On tracks with violentsub-bass content, like The Knife’s” Silent roar,” the SRS- XB12 delivers estimable bass depth, though obviously a speaker this size is not be suitable to push out anything approaching subwoofer- suchlike bass. At moderate to high volumes, the track packs some bass punch, with the DSP( digital signal processing) thinning out the lows a bit to avoid deformation. At outside volume situations, the motorist gets slightly overwhelmed it’s not inescapably full- on deformation we hear, but the DSP is chugging and the motorist sounds on the verge of deformation without ever really going there.

Tracks like the lately rereleased” The Hunt for Cherry Red” by Jonathan Fire Eater show what the speaker is able of. The cans then do, actually, sound a bit sonorous, which is no small feat for a speaker this size. further than that, the track just sounds full, with a clear, rich bass line and, over all differently, what feels like real power at top volumes.

Sony SRS- XB12
On Jay- Z and Kanye West’s” No Church in the Wild,” the kick barrel circle receives an ideal high- medial presence, allowing its attack to maintain its punchy edge in the blend. Thesub-bass synth successes are more inferred than delivered, but the barrel circle itself gets some added thump. From this and the former track we can suspect that there’s some boosting in the lows and low- mids — advanced frequentness thansub-bass obviously, but low enough to give cans some oomph when the blend calls for it.

Orchestral tracks, like the opening scene from John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, sound a little restrained through the SRS- XB12. The lower overall blend situations that save dynamics also means that, indeed at maximum volume, the affair for tracks like these feels a bit low. The lower- register instrumentation gets a solid, rich presence, and the advanced- register brass, strings, and lyrics are bright and crisp, but a speaker with further power would be suitable to convey the blend’s dynamics more convincingly.

The speakerphone mic offers so- so intelligibility. Using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 8, we could understand every word we recorded, but the audio was full of Bluetooth deformation — it should be clear enough to make phone calls, but if you have a bad signal, it may be hard for guests to understand you.

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Conclusion: sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

Still, you can not get it from a speaker this size, but I will admit at times, If you really want some bass power. For$ 60, you get a important, movable , leakproof speaker — there’s really nothing to complain abouthere.However, consider the$ 150 Sony SRS- XB32 or the$ 180 JBL Charge 4, which are bigger speakers that can deliver further power, If you have further room in your budget. In this price range, we also like the$ 60 JBL Clip 3, which has a analogous leakproof figure and size. But the SRS- XB12 manage to push a little further bass, and earns our Editors’ Choice in the process.

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Is Sony XB12 good?

Sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

The Sony SRS- XB12 is a Bluetooth speaker that is easy to take with you on- the- go. Thanks to its sturdy, well- erected design and excellent battery performance, it can fluently handle long days outside. Although it has to downmix stereo content into mono to play this content, it also has a wide soundstage.

Is Sony SRS-XB12 better than JBL?

Sony extra bass speaker srs xb12

The Sony SRS- XB12 is a better speaker than the JBL GO 3. The Sony has a slightly more-balanced sound profile and a wider soundstage. It also has longer- lasting nonstop battery life, and can it can use your smartphone’s voice adjunct.

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