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By | October 21, 2022

when will walking dead season 11 be on netflix: The Walking Dead is currently airing its second set of episodes for its eleventh and final supersized season on AMC. Season 11 of The Walking Dead will eventually land on Netflix in many regions around the world including the United States. Here’s when we’re currently expecting the final season of The Walking Dead to be available on Netflix.

When will walking dead season 11 be on netflix
When will walking dead season 11 be on netflix

When will walking dead season 11 be on netflix

Adapting the comics of the same name, the show has been a staple on both AMC and Netflix (depending on where you live) for years now. Netflix US has carried the show since 2014 with new seasons arriving every year thereafter (except season 10 which was delayed due to COVID-19).

Season 11 is going out with a bang too with an expanded season. The final season is set to consist of 24 episodes which is two more than season 10.

As we’ve covered before, only The Walking Dead is on Netflix. The other spin-off series have all found their way onto other rival streaming services around the world whether that be Amazon Prime, Disney+ or somewhere else.

With the new season beginning its final run on AMC on August 22nd, 2021. It wrapped up its eighth episode on AMC on October 10th before being on a midseason break. It’s currently due to air the remainder of the final season starting on February 20th, 2022 with the episode, “No Other Way”.

The eleventh season will arrive on Netflix in at least 26 countries according to Unogs.

When will Season 11 of The Walking Dead be released on Netflix?
Traditionally, Netflix has got new seasons just before the next one starts on AMC but that won’t be the case here. While we don’t expect that to pull up the date, it’s something to bear in mind. With an expanded season length, that too could have a play on its Netflix release date.

Both Netflix USA and Netflix Canada have received previous seasons together so we expect that trend to continue.

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the walking dead season 11
The Walking Dead season 11 – Picture: AMC

So while we can’t give you an exact date right now, based on past additions of the show, we’re expecting season 11 of The Walking Dead to arrive on Netflix in the United States and Canada sometime between August and November 2022 with September being the most likely release month.

Other regions’ availability dates will vary but all regions that carry the show will see it eventually popup over the course of 2022 or at worst, early 2023.

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